Building Community Through Art

30 Atlanta Street, SE

Marietta, GA 30060


Camp in a Bag Clubhouse

Welcome to the top-secret camp headquarters! Our schedule, project directions, and video links are all right here. Click on each project to get more information.

Monday: Chinese brush painting + kiffa beads (prep)
Tuesday: kiffa beads (painting)
Wednesday: paper pulp fresco
Thursday: embossed copper tile
Friday: foam “woodblock” prints

watercolor painting of bamboo
Chinese Brush Painting
Kiffa Beads
Paper Pulp "Fresco"
A square of copper foil embossed with a Mapuche textile design from Chile
Embossed Metal Tile
Two different block prints of a frog in a yukata dancing with a fan
Foam "Woodblock" Prints
Waitlist On occasion, we have a student who withdraws from a class. We will notify you if a spot becomes available.