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30 Atlanta Street, SE

Marietta, GA 30060



A Latin-American Artist Collective

April 6, 2019 – June 15, 2019

The Marietta Cobb Museum of Art is pleased to announce the exhibition of the Latin-American artist collective, Contrapunto. Formed in 2008, Contrapunto is comprised of six Atlanta artists: Jorge Arcos, Pedro Fuertes, Catalina Gomez Beuth, Dora López, Graciela Núñez Bedoya, and Carlos Solis (founder of Contrapunto). In music, “Counterpoint” (“Contrapunto” in Spanish) is the practice of joining two or more melodies in a way that creates harmony while maintaining each part’s individual quality. Combining artwork that can be categorized as surreal, cubist, abstract, and realist, the Contrapunto artists communicate their own stories while complementing each other’s styles. These artists excel within their respective genres and mediums while communally celebrating the robust history of Latin-America through a lens of living and working in Atlanta.

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