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Portrait Society of Atlanta 2013

Portrait Society of Atlanta

September 28 – December 15, 2013

The Portrait Society of Atlanta is a non-profit organization of portrait artists whose main purpose is to educate the public to a greater awareness of the portrait as an historically valid and valuable art form. At the same time, we enrich our members by offering a variety of educational services, including our quarterly newsletter, special programs, exhibitions, critique sessions and workshops.

About the Juror: Jamie Lee McMahan became a full-time portrait painter after a two-year trip around the world during which the great museums of the world opened the window of inspiration for the artist. Although he admired various art styles and periods, he was most often drawn to the great portraits, to the masterpieces of Sargent, Chase, Raeburn, Velasquez and others. He has painted U.S. senators, governors, mayors, judges, university presidents, pets and a wide range of subjects in private collections. Among the many portraits by McMahan is Alex Haley, author of Roots.

Exhibited Artists:


Wendy Adams

Sandra Anderson

Andrea Ward Azuz

Nita Bakay

Timothy Beacham

Glenda Brown

Eleanor “Bootsie” Callaham

Jane Carroll

Damon Carter

Marc Chatov

Paolo Chiezzi

Rosie Coleman

Carol A. Costellow

Mary Villon de Benveniste

Sandra Fisher

Anna Gillon

Jennifer Giovannucci

Deanna Griffin

Warren Griffin

Leah Hopkins Henry

Nancy B. Honea

Amanda Grae Platner

Carol Baxter Kirby

Shelley Laband

Kristina Laurendi Havens

Karin Lubart

Luana Luconi Winner

Jenny Lyon

Booth Malone

Jane Mason

Don Meadows

Thomas V. Nash

Gaynor Nelson

Sivananda Nyayapathi

Nanybel Salazar

Katherine Schuber

Suzanne Lavone Smith

Byron Tracy Snyder

Marta L. Suárez

Yuriy P. Totskiy

Ernest Varner

Trilby T. Wood



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