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The Study of Lines and Value

July – December 2020

Curated by Hannah Amuka

Spring 2020 Intern

The building blocks of an artistic composition are the visual elements of line, shape, tone, color, pattern, texture, and form.  The overall effect of the artwork from there depends solely on the technique and desired narrative of the individual artist.

The Study of Lines and Value seeks to shed light on the importance of line work as the foundation of all art practices, value as the vehicle that allows for the manipulation of space, and technique as the instrument that gives form to the visible characteristics and expressive qualities of each artist’s imagination.

While exploring the details of representation in some of our permanent collection’s works on paper, this exhibition aims to also highlight the infinite possibilities of storytelling through the most traditional of mediums: pencil, ink, charcoal, and engraving.

Exhibition Video

Take a virtual tour of “The Study of Line and Value”. 

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