Vault Renovation Campaign

What is a permanent collection?

A permanent collection consists of the objects, artifacts, or pieces of art that are collected and owned by a museum. When a museum holds a permanent collection, it assumes legal, ethical, fiduciary, and professional responsibility for the artwork. This stewardship is a promise to keep the work safe, accessible, and well preserved forever.

What is MCMA’s Permanent Collection like?

The MCMA Permanent Collection houses a variety of American artwork dating from as early as the 18th century all the way through 2019. Always dedicated to our goal of building community through art, the Museum’s nearly 700-object collection is a treasured asset used to enrich and educate our community.


What is an acquisition?

 An acquisition is simply defined as the transfer of title, or ownership, of an object from a donor to an institution. At MCMA, acquisitions predominantly occur between the Museum and private collectors, the artists and makers themselves, and other institutions. Acquisitions are then “accessioned,” meaning the   addition of a new item is recorded officially in the collection of a library, museum, or other cultural institution. The string of numbers at the end of each wall label comprises what museums call the “accession number,” which begins with the year in which the piece was recorded. The standardized numbering system is used to identify and track every object in a collection.


Want to be a part of building and safeguarding the MCMA’s Permanent Collection?

Our precious collection of American art is kept in what we colloquially call “The Vault,” which securely houses the Collection when not on display. The Vault needs expansion, modernization, and significant renovations in order to keep up with current industry standards and provide a safe forever home for the Museum’s collection of fine art.

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