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Dramatic Watercolor Abstracts


Dramatic Watercolor Abstracts

Instructor: Jill Williams

Dates: July 23 & 24

Time: 10 am – 4 pm (with a break for lunch)

Fee: $335 per person

Availability: In stock


About the Workshop:
• We’ll utilize the transparency of watercolor and a wide variety of visual texture
techniques to create dramatic layers of intricate shapes and colors with ease!
• You’ll learn to produce beautifully intricate paintings, expand your own visual
repertoire, and even jumpstart your creativity for developing unique mixed media elements or journal covers.

Hands-on Exploration Leads to Your Transformation:
• You’ll learn to loosen up with expressive mark making and find confidence with free flowing brushwork
• Simple color and value techniques & demos that will fast-track your watercolor skills.
• Learn simplistic sketching tips to help add structure and form to your work.
• Participants will learn how to create stunning visual textures with a variety of
materials and mediums, including:
⁃ paraffin wax, charcoal, salt, soap, isopropyl alcohol, acrylic ink, granulation
medium, cling film, and gouache, to name a few!
• We’ll spend time getting in touch with our ideas & emotions, and how to express them visually (this aspect often proves to be a catalyst for emotional and creative breakthrough).
• You’ll enjoy the freedom of putting all your new skills together to craft meaningful & expressive imagery in a fun, safe, and supportive environment.
• You’ll gain valuable insights with the medium and feel fully equipped to explore uncharted areas of personal expression.
• As my student, you’ll also receive private video access to my simple Japanese
binding demo, so that you can use a variety of your painting selections as journal covers, once the conference is over.

Who Can Benefit Most From This Workshop?
• Artists at any skill level, from any discipline, working in any medium, wanting to expand their creative expression
• Artists who are struggling to loosen up, or want to avoid stiffness in their work
• Painters who are new to watercolor and want a highly effective, deep dive into
the medium
• Realist painters who want to explore the infusion of abstraction into their current work
• Artists who want to reengage with a sense of play, innocence, and freedom in
their work


Professional Watercolor Paper, 140lb cold pressed, 9 x 12 pads (or whole sheet cut
down into eighths)
Quality brands include: Arches, Winsor & Newton, Saunders Waterford
Please don’t skimp on the paper, it’s critical to your watercolor success.
Brands to avoid: Strathmore, Canson, Master’s Touch, Artist’s Loft
Professional Tube or Pan Watercolors (Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton, Graham,
Grumbacher, Liquitex, etc)
Brands to avoid: Master’s Touch, Artist’s Loft, Reeves, any ‘Made in China’ set
from Amazon
Colors to bring: Please use the colors you have on hand! I’ll be using the following
colors in case you’d like to compare:
▪ Ultramarine Blue: Daniel Smith
▪ Opera Pink: Daniel Smith
▪ Thalo Blue (Green Shade): Daniel Smith
▪ Quinacridone Sienna: Daniel Smith
▪ Quinacridone Gold: Daniel Smith
▪ Bloodstone Genuine: Daniel Smith
▪ Green Gold: Daniel Smith
▪ Winsor Violet OR Dioxozine Purple: Winsor & Newton
▪ Permanent Orange: Daniel Smith
▪ Winsor Red OR Cadmium Red Medium: Winsor & Newton
⁃ Rare Green Earth: Daniel Smith
⁃ Serpentine Green: Daniel Smith
Other things you WILL need to bring:
Winsor & Newton Permanant White Gouache
Brushes made for watercolor:
▪ 1” wash brush any shape
▪ #12 round brush
▪ #6 round brush
▪ #2 or #3 rigger brush for fine lines
▪ a couple of smaller old scrubbing brushes
Acrylic Inks: 2-3 colors of choice (I’ll be using neutral, earthy tones as well as a deep
watercolor pencils
Derwent Inktense® Blocks (any size set you wish)
Towel, or paper towels
Large White palette, even white foam plates with dividers will work! you’ll need LARGE
mixing areas!
Water container(s), 1 quart minimum each…you’ll need LOTS of water (bowls or old
margarine tubs are great)
hair dryer
salt (plain table salt, sea salt, or kosher salt are all fine)
spray bottle (i prefer the size found in the beauty section of walmart)
masking tape
mounting board (a standard letter or legal sized clip board works great!)
razor blade
Glad® Wrap cling film
package of white cheesecloth (at most grocery stores)
Gulf Wax (at most grocery stores in the canning section)
photos of landscape imagery or elements that inspire you (can be on your phone/tablet,
or printed out)
Instructor provided items include: gum arabic, charcoal, a variety of watercolor
mediums and pigments for experimentation, and newsprint paper

About the Instructor

Hey there, I’m Jill Williams, a Southern watercolor landscape artist, full-time traveler, instructor, and nature enthusiast. I’m passionate about drawing, watercolor, and opportunities to connect with other artists to help elevate their creative awareness and skill. It’s an amazing privilege to help creatives expand so they are making greater  strides with their own artistic goals.
Paint, coffee, kayaks, full moons, bacon, campfires, and sunrises are just a few of my
favorite things. Currently, I’m traveling full time with my husband Jay in our self-converted-shuttle-bus-home, painting our adventures on the road, while making my art and instruction available to a wonderful, ever-expanding community along the way.
My work and instruction are both available through my website shop, and social media
outlets. Please visit to connect and learn more.

Waitlist On occasion, we have a student who withdraws from a class. We will notify you if a spot becomes available.