Instructor: Gail Tate
Dates: Monday, June 8 – Friday, June 12, 2020
Time: 1:00 – 4:00pm
Fees:  $200 Members / $240 Non-Members


Do you like art AND science? This special camp combines both! Design a moving work of art with easy-to-learn robotics. Campers ages 13-18 will use block programming to bring their creations to life with LEDs, motors, and sensors. Gail Tate of AVez Select runs this same camp program at Georgia Tech. Click here to watch a video with examples from one of Gail’s workshops.

No prior experience with robotics, coding, or programming required. Each teen must bring a smartphone or tablet that is able to run the BirdBlox programming app. (Available for Apple iOS and Android. Specs and a free download available here: BirdBlox App.)

Registration fee includes all art supplies and the loan of a Hummingbird Bit robotics base kit. At the end of camp, the robots get dismantled and the kits go back to the instructor. (Campers can take the artwork parts of their creation home.) Please contact MCMA if you are interested in purchasing a Hummingbird kit for your teen.

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