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Athos Menaboni (1895 – 1990) was born in 1895 in the Italian port city of Livorno. As a result of his ship-supplier father’s bringing home exotic animals from clients around the world, young Athos developed the lifelong fascination with birds and other animals, which later became the subjects of his paintings.

Permanent Collection: Curator Selects…

For our upcoming exhibition of the MCMA Permanent Collection, the Museum’s curator, Madeline Beck, selected her personal favorite and most noteworthy objects from our vault of American artwork. With painting, drawing, and sculpture that encompasses and blends the traditional and historic with the experimental and contemporary, Curator Selects… showcases the Museum’s esteemed and varied permanent collection while also exploring the personal taste and interests of our curator.

Waitlist On occasion, we have a student who withdraws from a class. We will notify you if a spot becomes available.