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Home School Art Classes

MCMA is pleased to offer art classes uniquely developed for home school students.  These classes reach beyond arts and crafts into art appreciation, techniques, science, and much more.  These class begin January 2024.

Meet The Instructor

An avid creator, MarKay Appel has been drawing, painting, sculpting, costuming and designing her whole life. As a homeschooling parent herself, she shared her art making skills with local homeschool co-ops, then taught art at private high schools, afterschool programs, art camps, and as private lessons.  She has taught drawing & painting, Claymation, STEM classes, art history and sewing. She currently teaches Saturday Art School here at the museum, and is beyond thrilled to offer these courses to our homeschooling community.

Art Lab - Ages 6 -10

Art Lab is a hands-on studio art class that highlights famous and contemporary art, then challenges your student to create their own original work. Each lesson we will derive inspiration from the medium, tools, techniques, or themes of a well-known artist, look at similar art from a modern artist, then break out the materials for our own exploration. Students will be introduced to drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking, as well as some art history, art appreciation, and vocabulary, as they use artist quality materials in the studio.

Art for Future Scientists - Ages 11-13

Art for Future Scientists examines the connections between art and science. Whether your student is an eager future science major, a self-proclaimed “art-not-science” kid, or just ready for a new way of looking at both disciplines, this class offers an exploration of traditional art making through the lens of science. The ability to pay careful attention to patterns, shapes and spatial relationships helps scientists properly observe and discover—key pillars of the scientific process. This class explores how art is used in various fields of science, whether to aid in analysis or education. Each 90 minute class features an art project they can keep, created with their new understanding of techniques and tools used in various fields of science, such as zoology, botany, microbiology, paleontology, astronomy, oceanography, and more.

Illusion of Reality in Art - Ages 14-18

Illusion of Reality In Art is the name of our class for more experienced art students. Is your talented art kid ready for a new way to explore art? This class includes some fundamentals of drawing and painting, then adds new tools, techniques, and art mediums. We will experiment with techniques that help an artist create the illusion of reality (or a fun unreality!) on a 2D surface. Each 2-hour class features an in-class art project they can take home, made in a variety of mediums.  In addition to exploring various ways of bringing the illusion of reality to your art, we will explore distorted perspective, optical art, animation basics, and lenticular art, among others.

Waitlist On occasion, we have a student who withdraws from a class. We will notify you if a spot becomes available.