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Art For Art's Sake

American Collections: Art for Art’s Sake
April 8 – June 18, 2017

MCMA is proud to present American Collections: Art for Art’s Sake featuring some of the most significant and influential artists in history in addition to several exquisite pieces by unknown artists. This exhibition is an eclectic compilation of over seventy-five works of art on loan from sixteen collectors residing in Cobb County who have collected pieces created by eighteenth and nineteenth century painters, modern masters, contemporary photographers and sculptors.

How it began
The genesis of this exhibition was inspired by the City of Marietta, her people and inhabitants.  Although we seem to exist in the shadows of the High Museum, we are inspired by the passions and pursuits of our neighbors.  Like all museums, we lust for the works of old masters and the hottest trends in contemporary art – so we began to reach out and gather information from friends and collectors of the museum. 
What we expected/did not expect
The Exhibition Committee had a general goal – we expected to encounter great works of art that reflected the grandeur of history and culture.  We are a small but mighty museum, dreaming of works of art such as this for the community.  When our friends and collectors generously opened up their homes to us, we experienced something different, an unexpected and intimate relationship: “art for art’s sake.”  The art world is not always inspired by beauty, rather inspired by a consumption of a commodity.  Where are the lovers of fine art, who are collecting regardless of the cost?   Sixteen fine art collectors answered with an exhibition featuring both the “price tags” and the “unknowns.” 
What we learned
These private collections are inspiring because they exist in the name of art for art’s sake. Whether or not the return factors into their acquisition investments, it became obvious while visiting these private collectors that it is more of a love affair.
What we hope others will learn
Whether a fine art collector, enthusiast, amateur, or curious – what we hope each visitor will take away from the exhibition is just this: art for art’s sake.
With our deepest gratitude, the MCMA would like to thank each lender for making it possible to feature the American Collections exhibition.
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