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Metro Montage XVI

Metro Montage XVI — Annual Juried Exhibition of Artists sponsored by MCMA

July 9 – September 11, 2016

MCMA is pleased to present our annual juried exhibition: Metro Montage XVI.  This year the selection of work exhibited was, for the first time, chosen by a panel of five anonymous jurors led by our staff curator, Kelsey Moran.  The only criteria for submitting work to this annual juried exhibition is that the applicant must be a U.S. citizen — all genres, styles and mediums are encouraged.  We received over 600 submissions from 228 artists, all of whom represent a nation of diversity and talent; only 75 pieces were selected.  The process of selecting works was extremely difficult, and many of the works not chosen were exceptional.  Those that were accepted for this years’ Metro Montage represent a body of work that cannot be defined by a line, a color, texture or movement, by any single characteristic, strength or creator; but rather as a whole, symbolizing our culture and the diversity from within.  We invite you to witness and embrace the breadth of work currently being created by talented artists across America.

 Exhibited Artists:


Sandra Anderson

Barry Benner

Leticia Bernadac

Felix Berroa

Clifford Blanchard

Heidi J. Bowman

Bradley Burquest

Ed Cahill

Alton Coleman

Judy Cooper

Nikki Davidson

Patrick DeAngelis

Mei’-Ying Dell’Aquila

Jan DiPietro

Steve Dininno

Andrew Feiler

Eddi Fleming

Craig Ford

Pamela Gardner

Victoria Goro-Rapoport

Marcy Griffin

Kristina Laurendi Havens

Nanette Heckler

Paul Hitchen

Dannie Hovanec-Wright

Jane Jaskevich

Adrian Jenkins

Andy Johnston

Miranda Kawasaki

Tain Kell

Joe Krawczyk

Karl Gustav Kroeppler

Shelley Laband

Tom LaBarge

Stephen Lahr

Shelly Leitheiser

Bill Lovett

Booth Malone

Brandon Marshall

Suhail Massad

Julie Mazzoni

Robert T. McDonald

Beatrice McDowell

Dennis Mercier

Cassandra Michael

Fran Milner

Katherine Moore

Kathy Morris

Jon Murrill

Selena Nawrocki

Andrew Norris

Patricia O’Brien

Mary H. Phelan

Brenda Pinnick

Doug Pisik

Michael Reber

Junko Ono Rothwell

Sharmila Ghose Roy

Donna Shiver

Allison Shockley

Sterne Slaven

Alan Stecker

Steve Steinman

Wesley Stewart

Marta L. Suarez

Jerry Sullivan

Charlotte Tate

Carmen Van Ameringen

Art Vandenberg

Dean Velez

Charles Young Walls

Gail Wegodsky

David Wendel

Lisa Whittington


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