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We are currently closed , but open again tomorrow at 11am

Athos Menaboni: Framing His Journey—Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Birth of a Georgia Artist

Athos Menaboni is an invaluable legend in the history of Georgia and Georgia art.  Athos Menaboni (1895-1990) emigrated from Italy in 1921. Living first in New York and Florida, he moved to Georgia in 1927 where he lived for the rest of his long life. He became one of the state’s most respected and prolific artists. 

Robert W. Woodruff, who led The Coca-Cola Company for sixty years, was Athos Menaboni’s greatest patron. In addition to the forty-four bird paintings he commissioned for his annual Christmas card, he purchased countless others (records indicate thirty-five just between 1945 and 1950) as gifts for friends, family, and business associates.

In one of the largest Menaboni exhibitions presented to date,  Athos Menaboni: Framing His Journey will share with the community the legacy of a Georgia artist through thoughtful displays and programs that educate the public on Georgia arts and culture, as well as Georgia history.  

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