Past Exhibitions by Year

2020 Exhibitions

Jim Hill Exhibition
Jim Hill
Chad Cole
Athos Menaboni
Curator Selects...

2019 Exhibitions

Richard Cecil
Metro Montage XIX
Carole Pigott
Meg Aubrey & Alea Hurst
Lena Reznik
Tori Tinsley & Ally White

2018 Exhibitions

dennis campay & Steven Steinman
Alfred Conteh
Dylan Pierce
Metro Montage XVIII
Sailors, Ships, & Shores
David Uhl
Aron Belka

2017 Exhibitions

Artistic Reality
The Great American West
Art for Art's Sake
For The Love of Glass
Metro Montage XVII
Understated: Works Without Color
Martin Pate
Portrait Society of Atlanta 2017

2016 Exhibitions

Aesthetic Vision
Catch the Wave
Metro Montage XVI
Philip Juras
Edward Kellogg
Ali Cavanaugh

2015 Exhibitions

Corey Barksdale & Fliex Berroa
James Partee, Jr.
Carl Holzman & Sally Tharp
Jere Allen
Metro Montage XV
Banner Years
David Kessler, John Petrey, & Issac Payne
Portrait Society of Atlanta 2015

2013 Exhibitions

James Yarbrough
Vignettes of America
American Academy of Equestrian Art
In the Mind's Eye
Metro Montage XIII
Folk Art
Shadow Circus
Portrait Society of Atlanta 2013